IKEA makes urbanites see more green by changing the landscape of city interiors  

IKEA challenges the future of sustainable consumption and healthier eating. In a recent collaboration by the brand with UK based industrial designer Tom Dixon, IKEA will explore the many possibilities of urban farming—transforming the

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Creating a divine outdoor area is one of the most important steps in developing positive chi for any home. In Feng Shui, an unsightly outdoor area has the power to overwhelm the home with

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There are many things one learns in the course of building a home. A dwelling that meets all the needs of its occupants and stands the test of time requires not just careful study,

This Tropical Garden Completes a Gorgeous Family Home

“I enjoy working on this project because the owners were really supportive,” recalls Rading Decepida. “They entrusted me with everything. It was always, ‘Bahala ka na, basta maganda!” These are indeed words that every designer