Ticket Optional: Your Guide to a Bali-Inspired Home Renovation

The beauty about going out to see the world is being able to bring something with you when you come back—for some, it is the experience, while for most of us, memorabilia. Apart from

Saving up for a Home Renovation? Here’s How You Can Earn Bigger with Your Savings

EastWest Bank’s Peso Time Deposit lets you keep and earn money at the same time House renovations let homeowners modify their properties according to their changing needs or mark a fresh start for their lives.

You'll love the neutral palette and giant windows in this breezy home

Large windows complement the calming neutral palette of this forever home   Making sure everything has its place and function is easy when building a home from the ground up. However, renovating a home

This home got a makeover and brought a family together

A makeover completely transformed this old family residence   Renovations are done to accommodate users’ changing needs. It can be as simple as updating a style or as extensive as building additional space. This

This luxurious home is a showcase of rich colors and textures

Color and texture give this lavish dwelling its unique character   Rich colors, elegant wood finishes, and luxurious furnishings define this luxe home for a family of five. The husband and wife are both