IKEA develops GUNRID, a curtain able to reduce indoor air pollution

Air pollution is a global issue and particularly problematic in megacities. According to WHO around 90% of people worldwide breathe polluted air, which is estimated to cause eight million deaths per year. IKEA has

IKEA makes urbanites see more green by changing the landscape of city interiors  

IKEA challenges the future of sustainable consumption and healthier eating. In a recent collaboration by the brand with UK based industrial designer Tom Dixon, IKEA will explore the many possibilities of urban farming—transforming the

IKEA Is Opening Its Biggest Store In The Philippines

How design got personal for IKEA? It was a classic case of necessity is the mother of all invention. As space availability has always been an issue in different segments such as business, real

11 Fun Facts That Will Make You Love IKEA More

The brand has a very interesting founder!

Build your garden with IKEA lab’s open-source Growroom

Urban gardeners can rejoice with Space10's green pavilions. And the plans are free!