What Were They Thinking: A strange sight in Jaro Plaza

Mamma Mia! Have you ever seen this caged, enclosed, and fenced statue of the Blessed Mother Mary in Jaro Plaza, Iloilo City?

What Were They Thinking: The mixed-use Plazuela de Iloilo development with misused styles

There has to be something wrong when designers boast of the Plazuela de Iloilo as “The Rise of Spanish Colony in Modern Iloilo”

Death and New Life: The historic San Joaquin Camposanto

San Joaquin Camposanto holds a historic funerary chapel or capilla and maintains its historic sightline to the sea

Hidden Treasure: A heartbreaking visit to Ledesma mansion

One of Iloilo's prominent ancestral houses, the Ledesma mansion features a façade faded, stained, chipped and cracked, but rich in detail

La Florentina: The Balay Bacabac Babar ancestral house in Ajuy, Northern Iloilo

The La Florentina Balay Bacabac-Babar ancestral house in Ajuy, Northern Iloilo has survived the challenges of nature and modernization

A bahay kubo-inspired house furnished with abstracts

“I feel betrayed,” says architect Oscar Peñasales’ wife. Like many Filipino nurses, the wife’s dream to work abroad. She had been traveling back and forth with her husband to find a job in the