Fuji Kindergarten in Japan was designed with a healthy dose of danger

Takaharu Tezuka, in his design for Fuji Kindergarten, exposes nursery school kids and families to the elements and just the right amount of risk

Shared Spaces in Hiramoto Design Studio’s Hopscotch House

The arrangement of spaces is fundamental to how homes are shaped, used, and perceived. A narrative is formed when spaces are structured to carry out specific effects on one’s perception. Architects make use of

Sculpted in Concrete: The dialogues of spaces in Akihisa Hirata’s Tree-Ness House

Amidst the fervent sounds of the Japanese Metropolis—the incessant trains on tracks, lyrical cacophony of people in the streets, screeching of brakes, live and prerecorded voices, all resonances of organized chaos—is a residence that