What Were They Thinking: Neo-classical elements out of context

Greek gods take residence in this building with a startling contrast between the Neo-classical and modern elements

St. Joseph’s College: A treasure trove of faith and art

An insider's view into the St. Joseph’s College campus, whose unassuming façade disguises the architectural and art treasures within

This Punta Fuego house marries crisp modern geometries and rugged natural textures

The Punta Fuego house is a white, modernist four-level house on the edge of a rocky cliff, where the marriage of light, space and sea comes full circle

Behind the Anger: The mid-century modern Church of the Angry Christ

The Church of the Angry Christ is a product of passion and international collaboration, with works from local talents housed within a modernist shell by an underrecognized Wright disciple

A Heritage Strongbox

Aris Tan’s Casa Andaluz, an amalgam of the past and the present

‘Root Bench’ by Yong Ju Lee seamlessly merges design with nature

Public art performs an essential role in public space because it enhances the creativity of the space and provides it a focus. The variety of public art accessible in public spaces creates vibrancy and