‘Root Bench’ by Yong Ju Lee seamlessly merges design with nature

Public art performs an essential role in public space because it enhances the creativity of the space and provides it a focus. The variety of public art accessible in public spaces creates vibrancy and

The free forms in Javier Senosiain’s Casa Orgánica

The aftermath of intensive research about bio-architecture and freeform design led Mexican architect Javier Senosiain—who was a proponent of organic architecture, a particular approach expressive of varied styles that are responsive to the surrounding

Nature as Protagonist: ONG&ONG creates a memorable home

From the start, the architects of Ong & Ong knew three things they wanted to do for the house. First, they would give the 20-year old ficus tree near the site entrance a lead

Fabian Tan’s Jose House translates nature and light

People seek allowances, portions inside their home marked by margins—a desire manifested in the ache felt for the impression of space. In dense urban surroundings, it is difficult to translate this sense of longing

BAAD Studio designs a dwelling that thrives in its environment

It all began with the tree. Still growing, it stubbornly sat in the middle of the 570-square meter lot. Benjee Mendoza and An Bermejo of BAAD Studio were commissioned to build a house on.

Nataneka Arsitek’s Courtyard House exhibits modernism

Sukendro “Kendro” Priyoso and Jeffry Sandy, principals of Indonesian architecture studio Nataneka Arsitek, are not fans of the color white. Looking at the studio portfolio and visiting two of their projects make this clear. “I’ve