Daring By Design: Stories of courage and creative pursuits

Recognizing June as a month of pride and prowess, 12 architects and designers share their personal breakthroughs in the architecture and design industry

PDP Architects crafts plan to repurpose multi-purpose halls and barangay centers as quarantine facilities

The quick layout suggests the use of existing interior areas with linkages to both triage and medical centers as modular quarantine facilities

Women Run Design: Being female is not an excuse nor a limitation—Cathy Saldaña

Cathy Saldaña of PDP Architects says women are not just breaking barriers but also bending the steel and looking at ways to be taller or as tall as the men

Lessons from Anthology: Future cities depend on the present

Shelter Dialogues “Future Cities” underscored that simply building developments does not equate to building progressive communities

Love Is in the Details: Cathy Saldaña and Alex Siegel of PDP Architects

People say it's not wise to mix personal life with professional life, but PDP Architects managing director and chief operating officer made it work