Arturo Luz and the language of Philippine Modernism

Arturo Luz's consistency as an artist originated from his discipline as a designer, and the fullness of an artist’s life well lived

A country at home: A look inside Francisco Mañosa’s home

National Artist for Architecture Francisco 'Bobby' Mañosa's home is a serenade to the Philippines

What Were They Thinking: Neo-classical elements out of context

Greek gods take residence in this building with a startling contrast between the Neo-classical and modern elements

SMDC brings masters of design to your homes 

SMDC commissions Michael Fiebrich Design and Adrian L.  Norman Limited to design interiors and community spaces for its residential developments

Invisible Damage: Inside the columns of San Sebastian Basilica

What would these aging columns of the San Sebastian Basilica tell the conservation team about the structural stability of the building?

Threats to a Treasure: The Balay nga Tisa of Carcar, Cebu

Balay nga Tisa has a sloping and slightly upturned roof, bearing the original tisa or red clay tiles dating back to 1859 when it was built