LOOK: Filipino architects design a COVID-19 emergency quarantine facility

WTA Architecture and Design Studio designs a COVID-19 emergency quarantine facility to help ease hospitals from overcapacity

In Memoriam: The eclectic eccentric Johnny Hubilla

In commemoration of interior designer Johnny Hubilla's untimely passing, we share the reminisces of son Carlos of his father, watching him work as he grows

Enduring Legacies: The Bautista and Santos Ancestral Houses of Malolos

These ancestral houses from the mid-late 19th Century to the early 1930s catalogs the stylistic changes introduced through colonial contact with the West

Women Run Design: Being female is not an excuse nor a limitation—Cathy Saldaña

Cathy Saldaña of PDP Architects says women are not just breaking barriers but also bending the steel and looking at ways to be taller or as tall as the men

This hillside revival by LLG Architects breathes and indulges the senses

LLG Architects capitalizes on the original hillside house’s prime orientation that gives the optimum conditions for passive cooling and vistas beyond

JCCA Design Studio frames outdoor views with Balai Bakuran

Balai Bakuran by JCCA Design Studio, set at the rear edge of a rectangular lot in Antipolo City, and is designed to frame the expansive front outdoor space