Virtual Visita Iglesia: Visit churches, stations of the cross at home via virtual reality

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Manila-based 360 panoramic photographer and freelance journalist Fung Yu's Virtual Visita Iglesia is one way to keep the faith

St. Catherine’s Church in Carcar, Cebu—a noble church on the hill

St. Catherine’s Church in Carcar forms the vital heart of a city struggling to retain its heritage structures with minimum modern intervention

The making of the all-steel Gothic Revival San Sebastian Basilica

It was a great marriage: of art and technology, of devotion and profession, of Europe and Asia.

What St. Mark’s Basilica taught me about sustainability

4,240 square meters of golden mosaics in an old Byzantine church bring sustainability to light

A hundred walls for worship in Cebu by CAZA

Cebu’s Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod embodies modern faith and spirituality

Ramon Orlina carves 150 glass pieces for Trinity Chapel’s altarpiece

Ramon Orlina creates an altarpiece for the Trinity University of Asia chapel that draws churchgoers in by dispersing light