Headroom CV Co designs an enticing dining space for Bistronomia’s second Rambla branch

The interiors of Rambla is a fusion of visible textures and strategic lighting that accentuate the staples of Spanish cuisine

Culinary jewel box: JYAA’s Mamou Prime entices palates and aesthetes alike

Inspired by jewel boxes, Jorge Yulo Architects and Associates crafts a spectacular dining experience for ­­a long-time client’s exclusive new brand

Seshan Design designs F&B duo of Parisian bakery and NYC cocktail bar

Two unlikely sister establishments, a bakery-cafe and a cocktail bar, channel Paris and New York in Kulala Lumpur's ritzy Damansara district

Tahanan Bistro is the fruit of artisan carpentry and tremendous attention to detail

Wood sculptor and furniture maker Benji Reyes opens his finely crafted Tahanan to foodies looking to dine with art and soul

Oboza Heritage House in Davao finds new life as a restaurant

An excellent example of adaptive reuse—this landmark in Davao City has found new life as a restaurant that serves good food

Sushi Rei restaurant in HCMC uses 4,500 cypress tiles

Joe Chikamori, a Vietnam-based Japanese architect, deviates from Japanese clichés