RT+Q three-block family house interlinked by art and architecture

The house was not built as a single, large house screaming for attention, but as a series of pavilion-like blocks to cater to each 'unit' of the family.

A raw and relaxing beach house in Tali, Batangas

Polished concrete and wood louvers peek through a bowl of green just a stone's throw away from the beach

Tour Inside This Three-Storey Bamboo House in Parañaque

Sacha Cotture’s Bamboo House is where the European international Style that he imbibed from his original home in Switzerland is softened into a tropical adaptation. Sacha is an architect running his own firm, Atelier

This Tropical House in Sorsogon is in the Middle of a Coconut Farm!

While many people flock to Metro Manila for opportunity, artist and furniture designer Milo Naval and his family chose to pack their bags and move to Sorsogon. In this 10-hectare coconut plantation Milo purchased

Super Green Living: Malaysia’s GBI-Platinum S11 House

Drone video by DRTAN LM. s11 House by DRTAN LM is featured in the ‘Tropical Architecture in the 21st Century Volume 1’ book.