B+Abble 2020: Notes from the 2-day design talks

B+Abble 2020 ran two days online with four speakers and one guest host touching on the past, present, and future of Philippine architecture

Studio Workshop’s Brise Soleil House is enrobed in an undulating timber screen

In a particular setting, there are features that resonate with the visitor, or a passerby engaged in a quiet saunter. Size, beauty, light, and color, are elements that capture intrigue. However, the Brise Soleil

Micaela Benedicto’s Z House speaks the vernacular like a native

The most effective strategies for sustainable design are the cheapest and easiest to implement—the very same strategies our forebears used for millennia in response to geography and climate. This realization has prompted some Filipino

Leandro V. Locsin Partners reconstructs Casa de Nipa

Editor’s note: Although Casa de Nipa was not conceived in the present day, its preservation of the Philippines’ vernacular architecture exemplifies tropical design principles applicable in contemporary design. The house also provides historical context

Find out what makes an authentic ecolodge

These hideaways reconcile man-made and natural environments by getting the best of both worlds.

See a Kalinga Village evolve through the lens of a photojournalist

On documenting Luplupa and its metamorphosis from 1986 to 2013 before it was irrevocably lost