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Technology Ushers The Efficient Construction Of This House’s Wavy Wooden Roof Structure

May 31, 2022



Carisa Magno

In Los Chillos, Ecuador stands a residential structure with a wavy roof that blankets the wooden house. Leppanen Anker Arquitectura, an Ecuador-based architectural firm, creates the 450 square meter house’s design for an ideal mountain sanctuary. Sustainable laminated wood is the main structural element for the roof and the house as well. The architects’ choice of material roots upon the timber’s flexibility and the natural aesthetic that it delivers.

The idea was to make a house that would be unified conceptually and visually with the impressive mountains that surround the project site.

Leppanen Anker Arquitectura

The team constructs the wavy roof with efficiency through computerized parametric models. It allows the replication of specific beam designs resulting in a fast and seamless workflow. To precisely produce each section of wood, similar to piecing a puzzle together, automated machines are imperative. The varying folds of the roof are possible through the exact similar radial repetition of the curved beams. The systematic and careful survey of the structure immensely lessens construction time and makes way for more accessible material transport. Leppanen Anker Arquitectura and their team create a breakthrough in Ecuador by establishing this construction method.

Integrating digital technology with local manual labor techniques has not only led us to produce a unique type of architecture but also to contribute to the improvement of construction possibilities in the country.

The interior space of the residential mountain retreat brings to mind a classic hacienda house with its open space and high roof. To contrast, the interior design team incorporates contemporary accents to create a modern vibe. Each room in the house has pieces of furniture with a modish design that balance the house’s rather typical structure. Color accents that enliven the home are present through the pillows, rugs, and wall furnishings. It has a sleek kitchen layout with a perky pop of light blue painted on the cabinetry. It reflects the color of the indoor swimming pool that traverses through the center of the house.

The pool is the most exciting part of the house’s interior. A walkway that connects the house’s communal areas to the bedroom areas passes on top of the pool. To add, glass parts of the roof are thoughtfully placed directly above the pool area. It creates an outdoor vibe for the house’s water element. An indoor jacuzzi situated beside the pool access stair completes the goal of creating a water relaxation area for the home.

Each room in the house has a side with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that maximize the scenery around the retreat. The bathroom has an accent wall of white hexagonal tiles that creates a clean yet sophisticated ambiance for the room. The fittings are all black modern industrial, and the lighting fixtures are of contemporary design as well.

Ultimately, the mix of typical wooden structures, white painted walls, white floor, massive glass windows, and indoor pool makes this house enough to be categorized as, indeed, a mountain retreat.

All photos are from Bicubik Photography.