The Dolphin Sands Studio by Architect Matt Williams

The Dolphin Sands Studio by Architect Matt Williams Is Filed Under Tiny House Goals

April 23, 2022



Carisa Magno

To celebrate Earth Day, we take a look at this sustainable tiny home built on Dolphin Sands on Tasmania’s east coast. Designed by Architect Matt Williams for a couple, this 36 square meter home looks out toward the Freycinet Peninsula, across Great Oyster Bay. The classic slide viewfinder inspires the architectural shape, a very fitting motivation for a house surrounded by spectacular sea and land visuals.

Ethically sourced timber slats with minimalist aesthetic make up the exterior. The interior blends in as well with its exposed OSB walls. The floor is made of black tiles, a classic color to compliment the wood accents. The whole home is elevated from the ground thereby making it possible to have an unobstructed view of the surrounding. The outdoor deck made of hardwood is where you can find the exterior shower and a compact space to lounge. The bedroom overlooks the ocean through a large panoramic window placed by the foot of the bed. The house is tiny but well thought of and ready to provide comfort.

“A limited, richly textured palette creates buildings that are easily read, so they effortlessly drop into the background, while subconsciously enriching the overall experience.”

Matt Williams

Matt Williams’ team commits to building environmentally responsible spaces. And to them, the site is both a gift and a challenge. They had to tiptoe around the area and embed the studio while preserving the local landscape. The buried water tank near the driveway could serve as an example. The consideration put into minimizing the environmental disruption on the site is evident as the studio blends in seamlessly.

Dolphin Sands Studio

The compact house meant to be a rental accommodation serves as an alternate shelter for Matt’s clients while waiting for their permanent home to be completed. The studio aims to be a piece of heaven for those who want to escape and have a slice of freedom even for a little while. And true to the vision of both the architect and the client, the Dolphin Sand Studio exists to be that.

“The idea was to create a tiny, relaxing, self-contained space that allows for easy occupation by guests who will have arrived from overseas. I wanted to achieve a genuine sense of calm and spaciousness in among the busyness of everyday life.”

Matt Williams

Photo credits: Adam Gibson