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The hansgrohe Finoris is a Vision of Style and Innovation

November 15, 2022



Anjella Aguilar

Arguably one of the most overlooked parts of a home is the sink. It’s actually one of the busiest places inside a household: washing your hair, doing general cleaning, or simply just washing your hands after tending to the garden outside. This is especially true now that we are still in the midst of a global health crisis, where everyone has become extra thorough in ensuring cleanliness and sanitation. Despite it being an integral part of a bathroom, many underestimate the importance of having a faucet that can take care of their every need. 

Premium quality with high functionality

Equipped with different spray options that can be easily adjusted to fit your every need.

The hansgrohe Finoris faucet offers innovation, style, and flexible functions that will make household activities a breeze with its “Flex” variant, offering enough room to maneuver during your everyday chores. It features a pull-out faucet head with an action radius of 500 millimeters that can slide back seamlessly into its original position due to its magnetic retraction support. Simple activities like washing your hair or even cleaning the wash basin itself becomes trouble-free.

The faucet provides an ample amount of space so you can do everyday activities stress-free.

Additionally, it comes with different spray options. Whether you prefer the gentle PowderRain spray or the smooth laminar spray, the faucet can easily adapt to whatever you might need at the moment with just one push of a button. The standard model is also available for those who would rather have it without a pull-out showerhead, only having the traditional single lever. 

The pull-out faucet head makes simple activities easier, more convenient, and guilt-free thanks to its water-saving features.

As a conscious effort for the environment and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle, the hansgrohe Finoris is equipped with PowderRain and laminar spray modes that use no more than five liters of water per minute. It’s also designed with QuickClean anti-calcification, ensuring your faucet remains lime-free. 

A case for the modern minimalist silhouette

The standard model with no pull-out showerhead included is available in different heights that can match your bathroom design.

Just because a sink is functional doesn’t mean the aesthetics should be compromised. The hansgrohe Finoris features the brand’s signature modern minimalist style with its slim and geometric look, making it a gorgeous and trendy addition to your bathrooms. The standard version can also be ordered in three different heights so it can be mixed and matched with an assortment of basin models. 

The Matte Black surface finish is a great choice for a trendy bathroom design.

The faucet range surface comes in three finishes you can choose from, such as Chrome, Matte Black, or Matte White that exudes versatility as they can fit seamlessly into any bathroom design. 

The complete faucet range can be combined with the hansgrohe Rainfinity shower solutions and the matching hansgrohe AddStoris accessory range.

hansgrohe is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Kuysen. To know more about hansgrohe’s wide range of deluxe and functional award-winning products, you can check out Facebook and Instagram .

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