This Party DJ’s 64-Sqm Unit Is The Perfect Bachelor Pad!

  • July 23, 2018

Typically, young would-be homeowners prefer condo units instead of houses as their first investment. While others buy and rent them out for extra income, this bachelor had a different intention when he made his purchase. Interestingly, he bought the unit not to serve as his home. He bought the space to turn it into a bachelor pad where he can entertain friends and guests. bachelor pad The owner is a resident DJ in one of the popular nightclubs in Manila and is in the business of importing cars. He currently resides in a house in Pasig together with his parents. In December 2017, he purchased this 64-sqm. unit previously owned by a friend. “He dubbed this place his party pad. That really was his intention when he purchased the unit,” shares Angel Realica, who designed and renovated the space. Angel and the owner are friends from way back, which helped in a smooth renovation process. bachelor pad “He would send me pegs of his dream bachelor pad even before,” shares Angel. “I still remember the first time he sent me a message on Facebook about four years ago. He asked me then if I can help him with the renovation of his unit in the future,” she says. After purchasing the property, the owner immediately contacted Angel and the renovation started right away. bachelor pad According to Angel, the previous design of the place was heavy on the Japanese style. “Though it was minimal, it looked cramped because of so many walls. It also looked unappealing because it was multicolored. The walls were painted green and chocolate brown,” she recalls. The unit went through a major renovation that lasted for three months. bachelor pad The owner wanted to achieve a boutique hotel look with sleek and modern touches, as inspired by his travels abroad. “It was very easy for me to do my job as the designer because the client knows what he wants,” she explains. The owner was very particular with the things he liked—from the interior finishes down to the wall paint swatches. “He wanted to have a scheme of black, blue, and gray to make the space look masculine,” says Angel.

He’s very precise with everything. He’ll say he wants this color or shade, or this specific finish, which made the design process smooth and easy.

bachelor pad To incorporate all the things the client wanted for his bachelor pad, Angel tore down the previous partitions in between the kitchen and bedroom that made the space look cramped and narrow. “We brought it down to extend the space of the bedroom so we could also add a closet for storage,” she explains. The kitchen was remodeled and reconfigured as well, to give more room space for movement inside. The existing layout of the unit was retained. However, as requested by the owner, the unit’s previous drop ceiling was removed and converted into the concrete ceiling that he wanted. The only difficulty they encountered during the renovation was the bleaching of the unit’s original floors. “The wood flooring is made of narra which was very reddish. To match the new look of the unit, we had it bleached and it took us three weeks to achieve its current color,” Angel recalls. bachelor pad After the renovation, the previously multicolored unit has been transformed into a sleek, modern bachelor pad with a toned down palette. Its cool gray hues exude a soothing appeal, while its open layout reflects the character of the owner. As this unit is essentially for entertaining, the owner’s primary must-have was the bar where he and his friends can enjoy their time over drinks. The owner also requested for black lights to help create an ambient party vibe during nighttime. “I told him it’s better to install white lighting since that’s how it typically goes for kitchens and bar areas. But he said he won’t be using it to cook meals, it’s really just for drinks with his friends and guests,” explains Angel. bachelor pad Though the unit will not serve as the owner’s home, he still incorporated his personal touches inside through the paintings, book collections, and toys that are displayed throughout the space. On the walls are artworks by painters Fitz Herrera, Yao Sampana, and Chico Cristobal. Angel shares the owner has a vast painting collection at home, but chose to put up the new ones to match the brand new look of the unit. All the furniture pieces are sourced from Dexterton, which were personally handpicked by the owner. According to Angel, he was very hands-on during the renovation and the post-renovation process, as well. “He really had the imagination for the look of his unit. When we were sourcing for furniture pieces together, he could already imagine where the pieces would go,” she explains. bachelor pad After its turnover, the owner already invited his friends over for a few drinks. “Though he sent out a lot of design pegs before, we were able to achieve the modern look he wanted. And he’s very happy with it,” Angel states. With overflowing drinks and the music he likes, the bachelor can now start hosting more parties inside his party pad, thanks to his collaborative efforts with his designer.   This story first appeared on MyHome Magazine’s June 2018 issue. Edits were made for

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