This Modern Home is a Private Getaway in the Heart of the City

  • March 1, 2019

The metropolis seems to get busier by the minute, and every city dweller is given the mission to find a recuperative space within the metro. In the Philippine capital, homeowners tend to gravitate towards the idea of a home as one that provides an escape from their usual hectic environment.

Such is the case of this newly-weds who knew they needed a place to retreat. They sought the help of interior designer Jeizele Go who worked with them to remodel a simple three-story house into a modern home that exudes a luxurious feel. “The client requested for a hotel-type interior, but not too formal. It needs to still have that home-like feeling,” explains Jeizele.
Upon entry, evident is the designer’s knack to maximize the space. A foyer welcomes the guests warmly with its accent wall made of colored planks in diagonal patterns. This creative structure also conceals a cabinet and frames an aquarium at the same time. Jeizele wanted the new home to have a connection from the old building and tried to salvage as much as she can. “We used the old planks from the original stairs to create the pattern” says Jeizele. The same wall pattern, this time interspersed with mirror panels, is reflected in the double volume living area. Apart from the spacious illusion, the mirror panels also allow for vistas of the upper floor through reflection.

To further maximize the available space, Jeizele employed an open plan layout for the living spaces. The choice of a light color palette greatly enhances the space’s airy feel. “The clients wanted a clean white look for the kitchen and dining,” Jeizele shares. The white components and the calacatta marble render the kitchen a sophisticated look. Philippe Starck Ghost chairs and elegant bar stools were added to complete the contemporary mix. Meanwhile, the dining area is delineated from the kitchen counter by way of sliding back-painted glass panels.

On the second level is a living room with the same color tone as seen on the floor below, one element that’s constantly missing is a coffee table, “I avoided the use of side tables or coffee tables, as they tend to make the spaces look crammed,” Jeizele states.

Inspired by the distinct appeal of various vacations homes in the Hamptons, the bedrooms on the second and third levels are a testament to lavish coastal living. With white as the central theme, the rooms are completed with light wood accents making them perfect for a retreat without ever leaving the city.

As an interesting touch, part of the wall conceals the entry to a walk-in closet cum bathroom in the master bedroom. The challenge of introducing this additional space made it seem impossible at first, but the year-long renovation paid off. On the other hand, the kid’s room is done in neutral tones for flexibility in case they needed to change it someday.

The couple is given the interiors that transport them to another place—an urban retreat as Jeizele puts it. This modern escape was achieved with the use of carefully selected colors, custom-made furniture pieces, and an intelligent space management that is able to maximize the limited canvas.

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