Top-Bunk Life: Here’s How To Make Your Bed More Than Just For ZZZs

  • April 8, 2019

Sharing a small space with a sibling, a relative, a platonic friend, or a dorm-mate has both perks and drawbacks. While you do save on the expenses as you split the bills, it also means you’re splitting the space into two (or more) to accommodate your requirements, which could be another challenge. Given your modest floor area, you’re left to share a bunk bed, with you taking over the top bunk. The top-bunk life can make you feel like you’re on top of the world, but it actually has a lot of limitations if you’re not creative. So how do you make your tiny turf stylish and functional at the same time? As always, we got you!

1 | Hold My Drink

The most glaring issue would be your own bedside table, but it’s an easy-peasy problem to solve. If you own the place, you can install floating shelves on your wall or a side table that hangs from the ceiling. However, if you’re simply renting the unit and are not allowed to puncture the walls or the ceiling, you may opt for tall ladder shelves or trays you can hang on the railing with S-hooks or hook to the bed frame itself. Now you’ll have something that can either hold your drink, your phone, the book you’re currently reading, or simply the bedroom décor you’ve been wanting to display.

2 | Working In Bed

Storage space like a bedside table is indeed a must-have. However, for the workaholics, a work desk that they can take even to bed is much more important. If you’re one, you ought to have a work desk that you can easily pull out as well as tuck away. You may choose to have a fold-out table incorporated in your floating shelf or a tray that you can fold and hang on the railing with a hook.

3 | Let There Be Light

Since you read and work on your bed even at night, it is best to have your own reading lamp as well. Sharing a space with the bottom-bunker means you’re also sharing the general lighting in your sleeping area. However, for all the all-nighters that you’re pulling, be considerate and keep the bright light to yourself while your roommate sleeps in peace. You can integrate it with your bedside table or work desk.

4 | Extended Cords

Living on the top bunk can also mean no sockets for you. Unless the unit is bunk-bed ready, you don’t really have much choice but to get yourself an extension cord for when you’re working on your bed or for when your book reader suddenly dies on you in the middle of a thrilling chapter, or for those times when you’re simply sluggish to go down and charge your phone. However, if you don’t like wires all over your bunk bed, you have the choice of going for wireless charging.

5 | Private; Keep Out

Depending on your bunk bed style, privacy can be a challenge. If you’re living on a top bunk with no privacy curtains or windows built in, you can use a heavy-duty tape to secure a linen cloth on the ceiling, creating somewhat like a canopy bed. If your room is quite narrow, you may also use a tension rod to hang a curtain to separate your bunk bed’s view from the rest of the sleeping area or the unit itself.

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