Here’s The Best Way To Keep Your Valuables Safe

Just as we put effort into making sure our homes are built well to protect us, we must place the same effort into ensuring our treasures are sheltered too.

IKEA develops GUNRID, a curtain able to reduce indoor air pollution

A mineral-based surface treatment enables this new product to break down air pollutants when it gets in contact with light.

Low water content radiator made of 100% recyclable aluminum

Playing with modularity, Alberto Meda’s design for radiator company Tubes features a surface made of pleated elliptical elements.

Scientists develop ‘Super Wood’ that could replace steel

The product is as strong as steel, but six times lighter, and it takes 10 times more energy to fracture than natural wood.

Hyperloop is a transport system that will allow people to easily commute great distances

An award-winning British architectural design and engineering firm, Foster + Partners' Virgin Hyperloop One will be able to transport cargo and passengers at speeds of flight.

Designed by ecoLogicStudio, Photo.Synth.Etica fights climate change

This living curtain that is specifically designed to cover building façades could harness photosynthesis in algae to remove air pollution.

A new innovative and sustainable building material made from potato waste

The London-based company Chip[s] Board was established with a mission to improve sustainable alternatives to everyday materials presently in use.