Tour Inside A Budget-Friendly Tropical Escape Up For Rent In BGC!

  • August 23, 2018

IxM Design Studio, a design collaboration between two best friends, Ira Pilario and Miriam Fetizanan. Both are interior designers who worked on another rental project owned by one of the couple’s relatives. It was very tropical and budget-friendly, two things the couple wanted for their investment. condoliving tropical rental condo “We gave them three pegs, all tropical but with a mix of either modern, Scandinavian, or luxe,” shares Ira. The couple admits that they had a hard time choosing which one to go with. They even interviewed people who often rent condos for staycations, parties, and business trips, and even those who haven’t tried renting at all. The Tropical Scandinavian was the crowd favorite. “I really wanted something luxe but a majority wanted something Scandinavian. We’ll have to bank the luxe look for my future home,” jokes Nadelyn. condoliving tropical rental condo Upon deciding the style, Ira and Miriam had three weeks to make everything happen. “We couldn’t afford to have the unit shut down for a long time because that means lost money. And it’s all about the money!” the unit owner laughs. The designers weren’t only limited by the time, they were also limited by the budget which was set at around P250,000. They had to work with a lot of the existing furniture, but they definitely needed to change the flooring. “Another goal was also to make the unit’s value higher through the design,” adds Ira. condoliving tropical rental condo While this is a daunting task for some, the two designers saw an exciting opportunity. “It’s not impossible, but two words: project management,” Ira points out. The two share that they learned so much working on this project as designers, not jut about design but also about communication and the more operational side of interior design. Three weeks later, the space is transformed into a tropical oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle that is BGC. condoliving tropical rental condo On the owner’s list of must-haves was to have an Instagramable spot—an iconic area that people will always associate the unit with, an area where people take photos of themselves at to post online. This spot allows the unit to sell and market itself, turning the rental into a destination to be at. In this unit, it’s the Peacock chair the designers had custom made in Tarlac for a bargain of less than P6,000! “The peacock chair has been my dream chair ever since and they have added it without me asking for it,” shares the unit owner. condoliving tropical rental condo Alongside the refreshing renovation, the owners also gave the space a completely new identity. This unit’s design was such a stand-out that it had to be given a moniker, a brand.  “I wanted to make it easy for people to tag us, search us online, and tell their friends about us,” shares the owner. The unit is called, “The Emerie House,” named after the owners’ daughter Natalia Emerie. condoliving tropical rental condo The master bedroom has a more Scandinavian feel with its leather bed frame and textured textiles. Unlike other rentals, the greens in this unit are real and far from faux. The rentals are maintained by Kasa Philippines, a start-up that manages online rental spaces. It was Richard Driehaus that said “good design doesn’t cost, it pays.” Invest in your space, because a well-designed space can and will sell itself. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a pretty penny all the time. This unit proves that a limited budget can still equate to a beautiful space, you simply have to know where to invest. This story first appeared on CondoLiving Magazine’s June 2018 issue. Edits were made for

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