Two Doctors Designed This Pink Holiday Home As a Couple

  • December 19, 2018

It’s that time of the year again, streets everywhere are swathed in warm glow from the playful lights, kids are finally home for the holiday break, and everyone’s in the mood to give and love a little extra for the next few weeks—it’s finally Christmas.
In the small town in the city of Malolos in Bulacan, two doctors sit in the middle of their small living room, surrounded by their impressive collection of Christmas decorations they’ve waited all year to showcase. The couple moved in to this home outside the metro big enough for the two of them. “My wife wanted to come back to this place as this is her hometown,” says the man of the house.
The house is a simple yet elegant space that was consciously built to contain all the requirements for comfort. This is where they can finally be together in after endless hours of working at the hospital. Every year that starts at the last week of September, this house undergoes a transformation to become a dazzling Christmas delight. “We usually start decorating end of September, and we’ll have visitors over as soon as it’s complete,” says the wife. “We usually leave for the US October or November, so by the time we come back, all that’s left to do is to add the finishing touches,” she continues.
christmas village
From the foyer, guests are greeted by the warm, inviting glow of the ethereal Christmas tree. Standing at eight feet tall, the tree is filled with a whimsical combination of white and millennial pink hydrangeas, vanilla flowers, and carnations. The tree is entwined with gold fairy lights, and is decorated with white bears and deer at the base. “This year, I wanted the tree to look soft and feminine and I was able to achieve it with the help of our stylist,” she shares.
“Every year, I think of a new concept and color palette for the tree as well as the entire house. I was inspired by millennial pink because it’s very on-trend, and is very unique as a Christmas decoration motif. Once I finalized the theme, I shop for decorations, and have our stylist, FJ Sionson, help us out in decorating the tree and getting all the decorations together,” she continues.
The modern living and dining areas were adorned with wreaths and embellishments that follows the same theme. “My mother’s house is Santa Claus-themed, while our home is nature-inspired. It was autumn-themed last year,” she mentions.

christmas village
The couple’s choice of throw pillows coincidentally match this year’s holiday theme

The couple’s dynamic for getting the holiday decorations together are quite simple—she takes the first floor, while he takes the second. Even though the couple only started decorating the house during the latter part of September, the couple fondly mentions that sourcing decor for the house is a year-round affair. “We always collaborate to make the house better. It brings us closer together, we bond over decorating the house, it’s something we both enjoy,” she says.
christmas village
The lady of the house has a deep fondness for carnations, and asked to have her favorite flower dotted in all the decorations

The man of the house mandates over the second floor, which is dedicated to the grand miniature Christmas Village they’ve been showcasing for years. “She just requested me to create a simple Christmas Village, this whole display started as a small table a few years back. Our first table had no lights, then we got excited to expand and add new houses and attractions to the village every year. Some we source locally, to the point that our usual store now contacts us so we can get first pick when the limited edition houses arrive. Some, on the other hand, we buy abroad during our trips,” says the husband.
christmas village
The man of the house sourced the limited edition Peanuts Christmas figurines all the way from the States

christmas village
The sparkling Christmas village is the first thing to catch your eye from the landing of the spiral staircase. The grand display comes with custom-made mountains, tiny trees, and faux snow. Hundreds of miniature (and not-so-miniature) houses and figurines line the three giant tables, from old European houses and candy shops, to a lit Eiffel tower and a fully-functional eggnog factory.
A Disney-themed toy train travels around the display. “My favorite piece is the replica of Dresden Church, which we bought in Germany. Seeing the pieces we got from abroad in our little village brings back memories of our sojourns. It simply makes my day just seeing them,” the lady of the house mentions fondly.
christmas village
The “mountain” the figurines were placed on was a DIY project for the man of the house, where he made us of styro foam, fake snow, paper, and cotton to make the whole thing come together

The man of the house, on the other hand, chose the Disney train as his favorite piece. “We found it in Disneyland Anaheim, we knew we had to get it for the village the moment we saw it. It was the last piece in stock, as well. I didn’t care if it was difficult to bring back home to Bulacan. I even hand-carried the pieces on the flight back home,” he laughs.
christmas village
The Eiffel tower as a special piece called in for them by their usual supplier, and is one of the very limited pieces in the country

christmas village

“We still work during the holidays because we’re doctors—so the most we can do is celebrate here. During the Christmas season, we hold parties here for all our friends, our nurses, and of course, our families. We have so many relatives and they come and celebrate with us every year. The entire road is closed off for the visitors during Christmas. It’s a yearly tradition, and it’s always a festive event,” says the lady of the house.
“It gets us so excited, seeing their faces once they see the house for the first time. Seeing everyone happy makes it worth everything we’ve done to make this all happen—it always will be,” the lady of the house mentions, glowing like a child filled with the wonderful feelings of Christmas.
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