There is a new brand of flooring materials that is shaking things up in the local design

Tajima's beautifully crafted flooring comes in various colors and patterns, and helps enhance even the most commercial spaces.

  • December 11, 2018

  • Written by Roumel Itum

  • Photos from Tajima

In designing and construction, it is not uncommon that the flooring is the last to be considered. Yet, the horizontal axis takes the most pressure and among the many other surfaces, is usually the first one to show evidence of wear and tear. As an important element of construction, the choice of flooring material and the manner it is designed ultimately affects the overall value of a space, not to mention that it can also determine the overall success of the design. It is this fact that requires any structure—be it a home or a commercial space, to choose a kind of flooring material and finish that will support the different amount of traffic, while simultaneously add value and infuse the interiors with a touch of luxury.   

The first Tajima Showroom in the Philippines is located at the 4th Floor of Shangri-La EDSA Plaza, where vinyl tiles for multifarious applications are on display

While it is a new player in the local building and construction supplies, Tajima started crafting its legacy almost a century ago. Founded in Mikawa Island in Tokyo, the company continues to produce pioneering technology, materials, and designs that are preferred by not only the Japanese market, but by other countries, and very recently, by the Philippine market. Tajima unveiled its first Manila showroom at the 4th floor of Shangri-La EDSA Plaza recently. “Our intent is clear and simple; it is to make good products for the end users,” says Yoshio Kotake, Tajima executive vice-president. “We also make sure that we build good relationship with suppliers through high-quality products,” he continues.

Tajima understands that an end user’s experience with flooring material and finish starts off as visual, and then transitions to something that affects how an individual interacts with the surrounding. The right choice of material and design allows the end user to appreciate the space by being able to interact with the elements properly. Good flooring options create a positive relationship between the end user and the design. Through the use of technology, the company is able to uphold the integrity of the design without sacrificing the interaction of the people in the space. The result is flooring materials that put to fore an amalgamation of heightened functionality and lavishness with options that transcend present trends.

The different types of flooring created by the company are highly-durable and easy to maintain due to the special UV coating used on the products

The company also prides itself in offering a vast selection of highly-durable products to meet its customers’ varying needs, whether it’s anti-slip, and anti-static flooring, or flame-retardant carpet tiles for general use, to more specialized designs such as anti-bacterial and anti-chemical flooring for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, and foam-backed tiles for sports facilities. With Tajima, spaces become as beautiful, but are made to take on more pressure and impact.

The brand’s luxury vinyl floors designed to resemble natural materials like wood and stone now present designers with better alternatives for high-traffic areas. The wide selection of design, colors, and various finishes also made the brand the top choice for hip retail spaces such as Anello and the Philippines’ purveyor of luxury Swiss watches LucerneApart from the luxury vinyl tiles, Tajima also creates carpet tiles, loose lay tiles, woven vinyl, and the lockable vinyl tiles that do not require any adhesive to use. B ender

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