5 Easy Habits To Adapt To #BeatPlasticPollution

  • June 5, 2018

Beat Plastic Pollution.” Although it’s only every June that we have the World Environment Day, here at CondoLiving, we encourage everyone to make this an everyday thing. So, here are 5 everyday steps to #BeatPlasticPollution.

1 | Ditch Plastic

Of course, the first step to beating plastic pollution is to not use plastic. Whether it’s a food container or straw, opt for glass, ceramic, or stainless steel that are more durable, long-lasting, and totally reusable minus the harmful effects (or at least with less bad effects to you and the environment). Check the materials or chemicals used in your food or water containers, like the poisonous BPA. You can also use cloth and other items made of natural materials like rattan and wood.

2 | Segregate Trash

We know sometimes it gets tedious, especially when some places (your condo unit included) don’t have three or more trash bins for each type of garbage. But we highly suggest you segregate plastic and other non-biodegradable from the biodegradable—unless you want a stinky condo and flying ipis all around you! Proper segregation makes it easier to pick those that can be recycled or reused, which also means less trash in the landfill. You can even collect plastic containers, stacks of paper, or your old clothes, and sell them to junk shops or recycling facilities. Cha-ching!

3 | Pick or Pocket

If you can’t help but use plastic, at least pick or pocket your plastic trash until you find the proper trash bin for it. Leaving it somewhere else (please don’t do this when in public!), will just add to the ongoing issue of plastic pollution the earth and its innocent earthlings have been battling for years. One tiny candy wrap can clog an entire drainage system. Of all contributions you can leave to the world, would you choose it to be plastic pollution? Of course, not.

4 | Shop Friendly

Don’t say yes to the cashier’s question, “Plastic charge?”. Just bring your own shopping bag when doing the grocery. Another thing you can do is bring your own food containers when buying grains, legumes, spices, and seasonings. Paper bags are better options than plastic, but cloth and reusable containers are the best choices.

5 | Teach Others

…especially the children. Kids learn and copy whatever they see or hear from adults like us, so be the role model that you should be. Teach them to beat plastic pollution and environmental problems in general. Teach your friends and family who don’t seem to be aware of the negative effects of plastic and other pollutants to all living things. Or, teach yourself how to care more for the planet you live in. Start with these five steps.

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